Top 100 Moms In Business – I am one of them!

Written by Amanda Klenner


Thank you all for your amazing support! Because of you I have been voted #38 out of the top 100 Leading Moms in Business for my herbal e-zine and herb box Natural Herbal Living Magazine. It has only been around since September 2013, but has had a big impact on many lives. I have been told people are loving learning about one herb a month on a deep and intrinsic level. They are learning how to incorporate each herb into their daily lives, learn how they fit into herbal formulas, and how they can help people with their day to day ailments. I have been told some moms are using the herb boxes and magazines as a part of homeschooling curriculum to help them teach their children how to use herbs! I am so excited with where we are going with this business as a sustainable, eco-conscious, mom owned, herb-tastic way to bring herbs to the people – because herbs are the people’s medicine.

I can not thank you enough for your dedication to me, following along on my journey for the last four years, and this new journey of Natural Herbal Living as well. I love sharing these things with you and am glad you felt that I was worth supporting!

Here is a little bit more about the competition and what it means.


Hundreds of thousands of votes have been cast in the annual competition, and this year’s flurry of popular support of the 2014 Top 100 contestants was no exception. America has once again demonstrated its immense interest and supportiveness for moms building businesses as they also tend to their families.

“With startup rates at an all-time high, these leading moms are leading the pack in startup rates,” says Rich Sloan, chief startupologist and co-founder of StartupNation. “They’re going after their business opportunities and developing their innovative products and services with fervor,” Sloan adds.

The 2014 Top 100 Leading Moms in Business ranking highlights some of the dominant trends, motivations and attributes among moms in business. They include:

  • A great eye for providing attractive discounts, coupons, savings and value, all especially important to consumer moms of the recession era.
  • A likelihood to come up with innovative products and solutions to address the challenging maze of motherhood. It’s an environment that demands resourcefulness.
  • Conscience-driven business, where “doing well” is just fine, but the real rush comes from doing good.
  • The attraction of being your own boss looms large for moms wanting to take control they just can’t find in a day job.
  • Sustainable solutions and responsible business practices are increasingly paramount.
  • Making the most of social media for business benefit is seemingly a birthright for the socially adept moms.

The full results of the 2014 Top 100 Leading Moms in Business ranking are available on StartupNation’s website.

Amanda is a Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Health Coach located in Westminster, CO. She is also a mother, wife, and avid dog lover (cats are ok too). She has a passion for teaching people about the beautiful herbal medicines we can work with to maintain health, wellness, and joy. She is the publisher of Natural Herbal Living Magazine, works with people clinically to help them reach their health goals, and makes a line of organic, handmade herbal products.

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