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When I first started learning about herbs, I was self taught, and was so confused. A lot of books and websites had information about a lot of herbs, but the information was lacking in any sort of depth. I felt like I was learning about a lot of herbs at a very shallow level, and I wasn’t able to learn how they actually worked. There was a lot of white noise drowning out the true purpose of each plant.

After a year or so of flailing around trying to figure out how herbs really worked, I started studying with a local herbalist. She taught me to spend time with one plant at a time, and get to know it at a deep and profound level. She taught me to sit near the live plant, and smell it. Feel its leaves, observe its patterns, and get to know the plant, how it grows, what the life cycle is, and how to tell if the plant is healthy, if it is ecologically sound to harvest the plant, and how to do that ethically. Then, you can smell it, taste it, touch it, and observe how the plant works in your body. THEN you can move on to working with the plant in others, and observe how it works for clients.

This deep study obsessing over one plant at a time, and the frustration from the lack of sound and detailed information is why I started Natural Herbal Living Magazine.


My passion - the magazine

Natural Herbal Living Magazine is a digital magazine to help you get to know about one herb a month on a deeply profound level. It is designed for those who who are studying herbalism and holistic health on their own, or those who are studying plants in courses who would like more detailed information, not just skimming the surface, about one specific plant a month. Each month, around the first, you will receive a detailed magazine with information about one plant. You will get a detailed herbal monograph including dosage and safety information, history of use of our featured herb, information about how different clinical and community herbalists incorporate this herb into their lives and practices, and detailed recipes on how to work with the “herb of the month”. The magazine is written by experienced herbalists, and focuses on quality, well-researched information and real life experience.

Our Herb Box

Intellectually we can “know” a lot about a plant, but we don't truly know that plant until we experience it ourselves. We might know that chamomile is good to help calm people, or mint can be soothing to digestion, but we forget that every person reacts differently to every plant. Where chamomile can be soothing to most people, some find it stimulating. Mint can be helpful for digestive issues, but it causes others to have indigestion. By knowing your own body, and energetics, you can experiment with each herb and learn how it works with you, personally. This then leads to observing how it might work well or poorly with others, depending on their personal constitution.

The herb box is designed to go with the magazine, as a resource that you can use to improve your relationship with the herb of the month. It comes with the ingredients you need to taste, touch, smell, feel, and experience the herb. It is different from other monthly herb subscriptions. Not only are you receiving the herb of the month to experience, but you are also getting the ingredients to make your own herbal preparation, helping you to learn one great way to make a product featuring the herb of the month, and improving your own medicine making skills.

There are two sizes. The small herb box just includes the herb of the month, and the ingredients to make your project. This is great for people with limited space, or those on a budget for their herbal education.

The large box also includes a hand blended herbal tea featuring the herb of the month along with other goodies, which vary by month. These have included, but are not limited to, tinctures, essential oils, salves, chocolates, herbal culinary salts, herbal bath salts, lip balms, etc.

All ingredients in each box are either organic, ethically harvested, or grown in my garden organically, but not certified organic. Our packaging is either reused packaging from mailings I receive my self, or biodegradable.

Our Products

Our products are formulated and handcrafted by Certified Clinical Herbalist Amanda Klenner, in Westminster, CO. They are made with love, using only the highest quality organic ingredients, and formulated to work, not just to smell pretty. The products are found every summer at Arvada and Westminster farmers markets, as well as local Colorado artisan markets. People love them because they work. The products include delicious herbal teas (featured in our herb boxes), herbal tinctures both simple and blended for medicinal uses, salves, bath salts, body butter, spice blends, and more!

Our Mission

Natural Herbal Living is a place where plant lovers come to connect, thrive, grow, and learn about holistic health, healing, and herbalism. Natural Herbal Living Magazine is an e-zine that is curated for people who are serious about learning the subtle intricacies, medicinal uses, traditional uses, and mystery of one plant at a time. A deep dive through the layers of one plant a month, for plant lovers of all interest levels.

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My accreditations

I practice traditional western herbalism, and combine the energetic models and teachings from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine where appropriate. The herbalists who have played a significant role in influencing my path to herbalism are Michael Moore, Paul Bergner, Aviva Romm, Darcy Blue, Todd Caldecott, and Michael Cottingham.

12 Must-Have Healing Herbs

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