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Written by Amanda Klenner

Red Clover Small

Red clovers beautiful purple flowers pave the way on the sides of some of my favorite paths to travel. I find it often in the shady underbrush lining rivers, lakes and ponds. It likes cooler more moist places to grow, but can also be found in well watered parks. Sometimes the kids and I like taking fresh red clover buds and popping them in our mouth for the sweet nectar taste. Although it isn’t very strong, the hint of sweetness makes the flowers delightful. I find if I have harvested good, freshly opened buds the nectar taste is still strong after drying, but slowly dissipates over time while being stored.

The beautiful flowers attract many pollinators such as bees and butterflies. I find I can’t harvest about half of the blooming flowers because they are covered with bees and butterflies. Thankfully she is a gracious plant and has enough for both humans, animals  and insects alike to feast from her flowers.

As long as she is in moist shade she grows prolifically, often thought of as a weed. She plays a key roll in maintaining soil health like most other plants in the legume family buy restoring nitrogen to the soil, which is a nutrient most soil and plants are deficient of. They are a favorite companion plant in my garden, make wonderful ground cover, and the plants that are grown along side it grow tall and strong.

Red clover is truly an ally to get to know and love.

The red clover issue will include these articles:

  • Letter from the editor
  • Red Clover Herbal Monograph
  • Red Clover flower Essence
  • History and Mythology of Clover
  • Red Clover for Women
  • Red Clover for Skin
  • Red Clover for Coughs and Colds
  • Respiratory Anatomy Overview and Materia Medica

The BIG red clover herb box will contain:

  • Red Clover lose herb
  • Red Clover Flower Essence
  • Red Clover Seeds (you can plant these in your garden or sprout them for delicious spicy sprouts!)
  • Nutritive Liver Tonic Tea
  • The ingredients to make an amazing herbal face wash.

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Amanda is a Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Health Coach located in Westminster, CO. She is also a mother, wife, and avid dog lover (cats are ok too). She has a passion for teaching people about the beautiful herbal medicines we can work with to maintain health, wellness, and joy. She is the publisher of Natural Herbal Living Magazine, works with people clinically to help them reach their health goals, and makes a line of organic, handmade herbal products.

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  1. Debbie F says

    I’m new to this so please excuse my stupidity. I just got my herb box, but I don’t have the Sept. magazine to go with it. I can’t seem to find it in the issues either. I can’t even find a place to contact anyone. Can anyone help a newbie?

    • Natural Herbal Living says

      Hey Debbie it looks like I forgot to upload it to the magazine section but it is there now. Your PDF magazine is e-mailed to you on the first of each month to the e-mail address you used to pay (so your paypal e-mail). Please let me know that you have found it either way or email me at naturalherballiving (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

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