Total Health Makeover Plan Package – herbalist consultation

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Total Health Makeover Plan Package – herbalist consultation

Do you have a lot of complex health issues that you would like long term, individualized support and encouragement with? This package is for you! With this package you will get six months of constant one one one support and encouragement from Amanda including constantly assessing your customized health program, following up on the phone monthly and constant e-mail support.

This custom package includes

  • One 90 minute intake consultation (in person, via Skype or phone) discussing you health goals in detail and creating a custom game plan to meet your specific needs and desires.
  • 5 30 minute follow up consultations monthly to help tweak and improve your plan.
  • Constant e-mail support for 6 months
  • A detailed print out of your health plan including diet, lifestyle, exercise and herbal suggestions for you
  • Any supplemental information as needed.
  • Recipe cards for your specific herbal protocols.

Are you looking  for an herbalist with a holistic, whole body perspective?

Amanda is a clinical herbalist in Westminster Colorado who works with clients around the country on reaching optimal health and wellness. She is a vitalist, taking the whole person into account including diet, exercise, environmental stressors, and a life history to help find patterns in a persons health, then creating a plan and working together with her client to help them reach their health goals.

I work in a way that is not a part of the “western medicine” system. Instead I like to sit down, one on one, and do a complete intake. During our discussion we will identify your constitutional type and health patterns and, through this process, work on finding what your individual body needs for optimal health.

I specialize in working with a person to find a solution that will work for them. Little steps or big, we can customize a plan that works for you. I am not a doctor, and as such, do not diagnose disease or prescribe medications. Instead, I help educate you on ways to reach your optimal health and help you acquire the tools to do just that. That being said, it is completely up to you to chose to follow my recommendations or not. Your health is in YOUR hands, I am merely a guide to optimal health.

For complicated or chronic health issues, people tend to need more than just an initial consultation. When we talk and go over your needs in detail, we will discuss if and when you will need follow ups. Some people just need a little tune up and do well with one consultation and a few email follow up, but many people with more complex goals will benefit from a package deal that includes follow ups and constant monitoring of herbal and lifestyle protocols as well as support. You can see my packages here.

This consultation can be in person or via phone or Skype. Amanda does work with people around the country who can’t find a local herbalist.

Not sure you and I will work well together? Schedule a free 15 minute call to discuss your specific health needs. You can email me at with any questions you might have.


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