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Sacred Space Smudge Mist 4 oz


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Sacred Space Smudge Mist

There are days when I really need to smudge and just clear away bad energies, but my husband can’t tolerate the smoke that comes along with traditional smudging, so I created this smudge mist to help clear the energy without needing smoke. It is made with traditional smudging plants in witch hazel, and added some essential oils to help support the whole plant extract.

This mist smells so wonderful. It is resinous, grounding, and smells just so very fantastic. It helps to center and ground a person, bringing them back into balance, and helping to clear negative energy and bringing in sweetness and the blessings of life. It was formulated to clear negative energy, call in a safe sacred space, and balance the feminine and masculine while connecting us to the sacred. This goes well with the Sacred Space Bath Salts and Sacred Space Body Butter. It makes a fantastic linen and room spray.

Ingredients (all organic and ethically obtained):

witch hazel, alcohol, white sage (herb and essential oil), frankincense (resin and essential oil), myrrh (resin and essential oil), pinion pine resin, palo santo (herb and essential oil), sweet orange essential oil.

Directions: spray as desired to call in sacred space.

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