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Rosemary is a wonderful addition to many meat dishes, is often found in sauces, and is a delicious, savory addition to roasted and grilled vegetables. It is an herb most can find growing in their neighbor’s yard or even in their spice rack.
This is why rosemary was my choice for our first month. It is the herb of remembrance, which can help a person retain the information they have learned, which is perfect because you are learning this minute! It can help a person focus and find their center. Its abundance and easy availability make it the perfect herb to start out with.

In ancient times Rosemary had a reputation for strengthening the memory and, because of that reputation, it became a symbol for lovers. It was often used at weddings, worn by the bride as a wreath while branches were wrapped in silken ribbons and given to guests.

This aromatic herb is native to the Mediterranean area and is part of the mint family called Lamiaceae or Labiatae. The Latin name is rosmarinus officinalis. It is a small shrub with thick, leathery leaves that are lanceolate and dark green. The scent of Rosemary is often described as pungently aromatic; a strong scent, but not unpleasant. It has often been used for its fragrance in soaps and cosmetics.

Come join us on a learning journey with Rosemary. In this issue you will find these articles:
Rosemary: Pungent, Aromatic, and Medicinal
Rosemary Essential Oil – a Profile
Rosemary Flower Essence
Back to School with Rosemary
Rosemary Tea
Alert Your Brain with Rosemary and Chocolate
Rosemary for Hair: Hair Oil, Shampoo, and Rinse

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