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Rose Elixir

Sometimes, people make tinctures for the medicinal benefits. Sometimes the extracts we make are so infused with love, and the power of the plant that it works not only on a physical level, but on a spirit level as well. This rose elixir is a beautiful expression of the spirit of rose. Harvested at the peak of spring wild rose blooming season, this rose petal elixir is so very aromatic, oozing the sweet smell of freshly harvested rose. The rose elixir was made with organic brandy, fresh harvested wild roses from Colorado, raw Colorado honey, and a touch of organic vanilla extract. It is so delicious you will hardly know what to do with it.

Rose is heart opening, helping a person be more receptive to the love and goodness in the world. The vanilla and brandy helps to balance the cooler nature of rose and honey, making it a slightly warming and clearing elixir. Rose is very astringent, and may be helpful for boggy tissues. It may help to clear resistance and worry from the spirit, and bring us to a new elevated self.

This elixir is good all on its own, or as a flavoring agent in tea, coffee, or cocktails. I have used it to flavor confections as well, and made a phenomenal rose honey cheese cake with it. You won’t know what you ever did without this beautifully delightful elixir.

Ingredients (All organic or ethically wild harvested): Wild rose petals (Rosa spp.), organic fair trade vanilla beans, brandy, raw colorado honey.

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