Osha Infused Honey – 2 oz


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Osha Infused Honey

Breathe. Open. Lung Support.

Osha is a sacred herb of the rocky mountains. It was used by the Ute, hispanics from New Mexico and the Rocky Mountains, and the Soux, Yuki, and Paiute all have documented use of this herb. It is thought of as bear medicine, because it is the first thing bears dig up in the spring after hibernation. It helps to stimulate digestion, and the lungs, and helps the bear clear excess mucous that clogs both the gut and the lungs after a long hibernation. In the spring, outside bear dens, you can sometimes find excrement, and mucous after the bears have eaten their first osha root of the spring.

Osha is used traditionally as a sacred herb, helping to protect the user or wearer from evil, or from snake bites. Medicinally, osha is used as a potent remedy to help open up the lungs, and clear out excess mucous, and ease coughs. It is also great for stimulating digestion, and getting things moving when it is needed. It is anti-microbial, with an affinity to the lungs and stomach, so I often use it when suffering from colds, respiratory infections, and gut microbe imbalances.

Since Osha is a sacred herb, and in danger of being over harvested, I only use osha that was ethically wild harvested with ceremony, respect, and on land with permission to harvest. The osha I use is either rescued, and harvested from areas where erosion washes away the patches, or where a friend harvests from, on land and patches he has been maintaining for over 20 years, with ceremony, respect, and right-relationship.

Osha Honey Ingredients: Ethically wild harvested osha root, raw colorado honey.

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