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I always love starting herbal beginners out with common herbs they’ve heard of and used, and probably even have in their pantries. Oregano is a common seasoning in dishes from many different countries, including Italy, Mexico, India, and the US. This herb is popular worldwide, in its various forms and species.

Simple food remedies are easy for beginners to wrap their heads around. It is much easier to recommend that someone make a nice healing soup with mushrooms, garlic, onions, oregano, thyme, and rosemary for a cold, than it is to get them to take an unpleasant-tasting tincture or tea. And then, it’s not so far a leap to go from eating an herb to trying topical applications, such as footbaths. Culinary herbs are some of our best “gateway herbs,” to get the “health curious” on the path to herbalism.

Oregano is a fun and accessible herb to use in this way. It is so generally useful, as a warming, pungent, astringent, aromatic herb that can support pretty much every part of the body, especially if we can get the herb to make contact with said part. Thankfully, it is also considered safe, and it is widely available, so people can play and learn in a safe way.

I hope you enjoy playing with this culinary, garden-variety herb friend as you learn its healing powers.

The Oregano issue includes:

  • Oregano Herbal Monograph
  • Oregano Essential Oil
  • Herbal Steams for Cold and Flu
  • Home and Clinical Use
  • How I Use Oregano
  • Oregano: A Cross-Cultural Remedy

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