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Mullein officially kicks off our third year. This fantastic ally is often thought of as just a lung remedy. This fuzzy friend can do so much more! If you look at the stalk of the second-year mullein plant, it stands straight and strong. At the end of this strong, upright, stalk is a blazing yellow fire. A torch to light the way to wellbeing. The root both digs down deep into the soil with a taproot, and puts out smaller, more sprawling roots to support the bulk of the long, tall, regal stalk.

You will read very soon, that mullein is not only a great lung ally, but also, the root and stalk can support a healthy happy spine, and the flowers have so many beautiful uses. As a bonus, mullein is an invasive weed! This is an abundant medicine that is available to most people in most climates. So, enjoy this. Go out there, find and meet this herbal ally.

The Mullein issue includes these articles:

  • Mullein Herbal Monograph
  • Some Uses for Mullein Flower
  • Mullein Flower Essence
  • Mullein for Asthma
  • Energetics of Respiratory Conditions

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