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12096557_10204842337450503_4812169638774075961_nMoon Time Balm – Uterine love for menstrual cramps

This fantastic balm is warming, moving, and like a hug for the uterus. Rub it on the lower belly, hips, and back to help ease aches and pains for common menstrual cramps. Of course, take care of your self, read a good book, drink nourishing herbal infusions rich with minerals like magnesium that help ease menstrual cramps, but this balm is fantastic to rub on and soothe the uterus, giving it some much needed love and attention during this important time of the month. It smells so good I often find my self using the Moon Time Balm as a solid perfume, even when I am not on my moon. It is a good ally to have on hand for muscle cramps, as it  can gently warm, move, and stimulate the fluids in the body. It is not safe for use during pregnancy, as it may stimulate contractions, but is a fantastic post partum ally and is safe to use while breastfeeding.

As with all of our products, this is made with 100% organic or ethically wildcrafted ingredients in Westminster, CO. This is a product people come back for again and again at farmers markets, and one of my most popular medicinal salves.

Ingredients (all organic): olive oil, coconut oil, mugwort, yarrow, motherwort, cramp bark, rose petals, damiana, bay leaf, ginger, essential oils of ginger, frankincense, myrrh, lavender, clary sage

Directions: Rub on abdomen, hips and back to support and encourage the body during menstruation.

Caution: Not for use while pregnant as it might stimulate contractions.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. You are in charge of your own health. If you have any safety concerns contact a botanically knowledgeable health care professional. Not for use for pregnancy.

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