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12112091_10204842237167996_1907390932693687495_nLove Me Lube Natural Personal Lubricant – A Natural Choice

This lovely, smooth, slippery lubricant is a fantastic natural personal lubricant that can be used topically. It also makes a nice smooth massage lubricant as it doesn’t absorb quickly and gives a smooth finish that is long lasting. It is made with oils that nourish the skin, are hypoallergenic, organic, and are soothing to sensitive areas. The waxes give the lubricant a nice gliding feeling as it melts on the skin, and the subtle fragrance from the essential oils (a very low dilution, less than .2% of the whole salve), work as an aphrodisiac to set the mood. This is fantastic for couples who don’t use latex or rubber products, as oil based   lubricants can degrade latex and rubber quickly, so this is not for use with any latex products like condoms or certain toys.

Ingredients (all organic): coconut oil, rice bran oil, jojoba oil, bees wax, candella wax, canuba wax, fresh rose petals, lavender flowers, damiana leaf

Directions: Use topically as a personal lubricant. This also works very well as a massage oil.

*Disclaimer*: This product should NEVER be used with latex or rubber, as oil can degrade these quickly. Ask for safety advice from a botanically knowledgeable practitioner if pregnant or suffering from any medical condition. This product is not approved by the FDA, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

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