Inflam-Away – 2 oz


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Circulate. Ease. Move.

This blend is a supportive blend full of anti-inflammatory herbs, and lymphatic herbs, to help support the body in its natural process to reduce inflammation, and flush the biological byproducts of inflammation from the body. By pairing yerba mansa, a traditional plant from the South Western United States, which has many traditional uses, including numbing and reducing pain and inflammation, with the more well known turmeric, this blend has a potent action that doesn’t disappoint. Red Root is included to help improve lymphatic flow and help the body remove waste products that are often around due to chronic inflammation.

People have found this to be most effective when taken daily over a long period of time, but it can also be supportive in more acute situations.

Ingredients: Ethically wild harvested fresh yerba mansa root (Anemopsis californica), organic fresh turmeric rhizome (Circuma longa), ethically wild harvested  fresh red root (Ceanothus spp.), black pepper seeds (Piper nigrum), alcohol ~ 70%

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any illness. If you have any questions about safety please contact a botanically knowledgeable healthcare practitioner.

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