Hearts Ease Herbal Tea – 4 oz


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Hearts Ease Herbal Tea

Calm. Soothe. Protect.

This Hearts Ease Herbal Tea is the tea that came in the linden herb box. It is full of heart loving, calming, and nourishing herbs that help support healthy cardiovascular function. They also can help to reduce anxiety, nervous tension, and stress which might temporarily raise blood pressure. It is a heart opening herbal blend that helps support ease in communication, self love, love of others, and general openheartedness. It has a sweet floral flavor, and is good hot or iced.

Kids love this, and parents love it when kids drink it, because it helps bring people from fight or flight crazy, to smooth, relaxed, and focused on love.

Ingredients (all ingredients organic): linden leaf and flower, hawthorn leaf and flower, rose petals, lemon balm leaf, lemon verbena leaf, cinnamon chips.

This product has not been inspected or approved by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have questions about the safety, contact a botanically knowledgeable healthcare practitioner.



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