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Hawthorn cover

Hawthorn is the poster child for herbs for heart health. In this issue we discuss hawthorn, how it is wonderful for not only the physical heart but the emotional heart as well, and other great benefits of this beautiful plant, as well as other heart health tips.

February is heart health month here in the States. With the dismal statistics that we have here-yearly, over 700,000 Americans suffer from heart attacks-it might come as little surprise to learn that 600,000 Americans die from heart disease every year. That is a quarter of total US deaths annually! High blood pressure runs in my own family and my husbands as well. This cardiovascular inflammatory process is very common and something most families find themselves dealing with.

Whatever the cause, we are here to talk about heart health, and there is no herb that jumps to mind for “heart health” more than hawthorn. Hawthorn is not only a wonderful cardiovascular tonic, but it is also an important ally for the emotional heart to process emotions, feelings, stress, tragedy, and more. Hawthorn is a wonderful herb to have on hand, and it is incredibly tasty too!
Join us in educating yourself about real heart health, and enjoy working with hawthorn every way you can.

In this digital issue you will find these articles:

  • Letter from the Publisher
  • Hawthorn Herbal Monograph
  • Hawthorn Flower Essence
  • Hawthorn Tea – Three beautiful blends
  • Hawthorn – A Spiritual and Emotional Ally
  • The Traditional Chinese Medicine Uses and Indications of Hawthorn
  • Mythology of Hawthorn
  • The Real Deal on a Heart Healthy Diet – Debunking Popular Diet Myths.
  • Hawthorn Tincture
  • Hawthorn, Ginger, Rose Elixir
  • Essential Oil Safety During Pregnancy
  • Feeling How Flower Essences Work In The Body

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