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Elder is another one of those amazing herbal powerhouses you want to have on hand for the winter months. The whole plant is medicinal but we focus on the safe and effective flowers and berries of this wonderful tree.

Elder is an incredibly useful plant with a long history of use. Having a vast multitude of actions, elder is useful for a wide array of ailments. Perhaps elder is best known for its ability to treat colds and flus but this is such a narrow view of such a broadly useful herb. Elder’s flowers and berries are the most widely known and have been used historically for thousands of years.

Some articles you will see in this digital issue are:

  • Elder Herbal Monograph
  • Elder Flower Essence
  • The History and Legends of Elder
  • Elder tea
  • Elderflower – Herbal Help for Winter Health!
  • Elderflower for Skin Care
  • Elderberry Fields Forever – Elderberry Oxymel
  • Elderberry Syrup and Cordial
  • Immune Boosting Tea Recipe
  • What Carrier Oils to Use

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