Cacao Bliss Body Butter

Edible Cocoa Bliss Body Butter


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Cocoa Bliss Body Butter

Have you ever wanted to just smother your self in chocolate? The Cocoa Bliss Body Butter is made with 100% organic, fair trade cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and calendula. Thats all there is! It is so simple, gentle for the skin, and decadent. It absorbs into the skin easily leaving a smooth finish. If you are sensitive to fragrance, even if it is from organic, therapeutic grade essential oils, then this is the body butter for you! This is also a favorite for kids with sensitive skin, and a fun body butter for tweens and young teens since it isn’t too stinky, but still has a pleasant fragrance (chocolate) that they love.

This deliciously decadent body butter is made with just 5 ingredients. Its luscious whipped cocoa butter goodness  is beautifully moisturizing, absorbs quickly, and will leave the skin feeling moisturized and smooth for hours. This is a favorite for people who don’t like any fragrance in their body care because it just smells like cocoa butter! Nothing else hampers this naturally sweet and sultry body butter.

Ingredients (all ingredients are organic): cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil

This body butter is a fantastic gift for a chemically sensitive person, for dry skin, irritated and problem skin. It comes in a 4 oz stainless steel container with a lid. It has a 1 year shelf life, and is made in small batches to ensure freshness.

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