cocoa mint lip balm

Cacao Mint Lip Balm

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Cacao Mint Lip Balm

This cacao mint lip balm is so silky smooth, moisturizing, and soothing to the skin of the lips. It is a fantastic treat, but easy to transport in the pocket or purse. This lip balm is made with organic cacao butter, leaving a beautiful chocolate scent, coconut oil which is highly moisturizing and healing to the skin, ethically harvested bees wax from ethically raised bees, and organic therapeutic grade peppermint oil. It doesn’t get any more simple, or beautiful than this.

This balm has no artificial fragrance, no preservatives, and has a 1 year shelf life. The labels aren’t perfect, but still work well, which is why they are $3 instead of $5. These are the perfect stocking stuffer, and nice to have on hand to deal with the cold, dry winter days that suck the moisture out of the skin.

Ingredients (all organic, ethically harvested, and the cacao is fair trade): Raw cacao butter, raw coconut oil, olive oil, peppermint essential oil – therapeutic grade

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