Yellow Dock

Issue published March 2016

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Letter from the editor

Yellow dock is a friend of mine. I often pass it while hiking along infertile soil where only the most tenacious mint will grow. Its roots are thick and deep, and a pain to wild harvest. Its deep, thick, stubborn roots remind me of its ability to loosen up and get things moving in the body. It is a favorite laxative of mine, that I often give to clients who have constipation due to prescription drug side effects.

Some remedies are best for addressing acute, shallow problems, and some excel at deep-seated, chronic issues. I believe yellow dock is a deep, nourishing, and moving remedy. Not only is it useful as a gentle-but-effective laxative, it is a fantastic ally for deep conditions that manifest on the skin. Its liver stimulating and supporting actions make it useful for people who have skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. I also find it is helpful for people with chronic medication use, or who have chronic pain from conditions like fibromyalgia, to help the body deal with excess stress hormones and support a healthy liver.

This weedy medicinal is easy to find in the wild, in dry waste lands. It is conditioning the soil for other species to move in and set up shop. In a similar way, it is helping us clean up the toxins from our body, and support healthy, balanced function.

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