Issue published August 2015

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Letter from the editor

Yarrow is one of those herbs I am never without. Even if we are out of stock in the apothecary, I know that I can go outside and find yarrow almost year-round. It may not always be flowering, but those leaves are always there, even if the flowering top isn’t. This abundant herb gives its medicine freely. Fields, meadows, woods, and even designer landscapes are covered in this healing medicine. I have noticed many of our first aid herbs like yarrow are most prolific in places where we might need them most like in the fields and open spaces of the mountains where injury is likely, or in parks and open spaces where children play and fall often.

Yarrow shines as a first aid herb. Its antimicrobial and styptic properties alone make it a go-to for any cuts or bleeding trauma, in the form of a soak, poultice, tea, or tincture. We also use it often for cold and flu. I find myself working with yarrow on an energetic level too, to protect and support healthy boundaries.

As you can see from this little glimpse, yarrow is truly a people’s medicine, which has thousands of years of documented historical use. No wonder, when people ask herbalists what their favorite plant is, yarrow is usually at the top of the list. So, go out, find some yarrow, and start getting to know this fantastic spirit and wound medicine.

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Yarrow Herbal Monograph
Yarrow for First Aid
Yarrow Clinical Uses
Yarrow in the Garden
History and Folklore of Yarrow
Medicine and Mystery with an Ornamental Yarrow
Yarrow Tincture for Anxiety
Yarrow Flower Essence

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