Issue published March 2017

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Letter from the editor

Reishi is a powerful herbal tonic that has thousands of years of documented medicinal use, and it is one of the best researched medicinal herbs. Its earthy flavor, and nutrient-dense powder helps to support health from the inside out. This wonderful fungus is a nourishing tonic and an adaptogen, which helps the body moderate the stress response and stress hormones more efficiently. It has also been extensively researched for its cancer-fighting effects, immune system modulation, hormone regulation, as well as combatting the many conditions underpinned by inflammation, poor immune response, and hormone imbalance.
The name “reishi” describes a few different species of Ganoderma, which have similar but slightly different effects. These shelf fungi are fun to find in the forest, but you might find it easier to purchase organically grown reishi from a trusted supplier like Mountain Rose Herbs, or an ethical wildcrafter. Hiking in the forests of Washington state, I found the occasional Ganoderma, but not enough to supply even my own daily habit of the mushroom. I rely on purchased reishi powder for that.
Reishi plays an important role in our family’s life. I have auto-immune diseases, and my husband also has some chronic health issues. Reishi, along with some other medicinal mushrooms, play an important role in supporting our health. We add a tablespoon of reishi powder to our morning coffee, and take it daily as a tonic and preventative. We love it, and I hope you will too!

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Reishi Herbal Monograph
Reishi Coloring Page
Wildcrafting and Processing
Adaptogens for Deep Support
Reishi History and Mythology
Reishi’s Immunomodulatory Effect
Wild Mushroom Bone Broth

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