Issue published July 2015

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Letter from the editor

Oh, my beautiful Peppermint. Although you are a hybrid of two different mints, your popularity in the mainstream helps people to accept your herbal remedies more easily. Thank you for your gifts of cooling, healing, and energizing the mind and body without caffeine.

As a person with Celiac disease who suffers symptoms similar to irritable bowel syndrome when I’m not eating strictly, peppermint plays a key role in my gut healing and gut pain blends. It helps cool the burn of acid reflux, and eases pain and irritation in the stomach and intestines. When I get exposed to gluten, peppermint spirits helps me get through the pain, indigestion, stomach cramps, and suffering caused by the gluten reaction, helping to soothe those symptoms, and did I mention the pain? So much pain. Peppermint works better than any drug to ease the pain caused by a gluten exposure.

As an herbalist, I tell my students this when learning herbal formulation: “Peppermint hides many sins.” This is an herb I often use to hide the flavor of less pleasant herbs. Peppermint is a flavor that many people are already familiar with and enjoy. I have found compliance with clients to be much higher when we add a flavoring agent that they love to their blends. Peppermint is one that does this for many people, including my husband. I sneak peppermint into nourishing herbal infusions, adaptogen syrups, and general medicinal tea blends.

I also love the cooling feeling of peppermint on my body when it gets too hot outside. I am very sensitive to heat, which I blame on growing up in Arizona. Peppermint is dramatically cooling when used topically, and it truly helps make heat more tolerable. I put peppermint in drinks (mojitos anyone?), body butter, soap (which is amazing for bug bites), and body sprays. There isn’t much that is more soothing than rubbing some cooling foot cream on your feet after a long, hot day outside working in the sun.

I hope you enjoy this peppermint issue, and get inspired to incorporate this beautiful common herb into everyday life!

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