Issue published October 2020

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Letter from the editor

Purple is a color of healing in some traditions, enlightenment in others. It is appropriate that passionflower will be our last herb of Natural Herbal Living. For seven years, this magazine has been a cornerstone in herbal education, helping people learn about how to work with herbs on a deeper level. Healing and enlightenment are so fundamental to what we as herbalists and teachers do; and we have been privileged to help you along this journey while we could.

Passionflower looks like a crazy riot of stamens, sepals, and petals exploding into purple fireworks. Its common name comes from the Italian fiore della passione, named for the passion of the Christ. Many people assume it’s called passionflower because it may induce passion in people, but in fact passionflower is used traditionally as a calming nervine, helping to soothe haggard nerves.

The bright, exploding, purple blooms might look like a party, but the plant’s medicine offers peace and quiet. Like a hug to the nerves, it helps slowly ease tension and stress, assisting us in taking that deep breath and transcending chaos. This is something the world profoundly needs right now. A quiet moment in which we might remember that we are all one. Like the grabbing filaments of the passionflower plant, we are connected, and we need each other to grow tall, stay connected, and weather the uncertainty ahead.

May passionflower bring calm to your heart, compassion to your mind, and peace to your soul.

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Passionflower Monograph
Passionflower Coloring Page
Passionflower Magic and Medicine
Historical Notes
Passionflower in Clinical Practice
An Ancient Remedy for Modern Times

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