Issue published April 2018

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Letter from the editor

Oats are one of the herbs that I love to use, because there are very few
people in this world who could not benefit from some deep, nourishing,
nervous-system love. They aren’t just a grain you enjoy for breakfast;
oat is also a very medicinal plant when harvested at the right time and
processed in the right ways.
Oats have been used as a food around the world for thousands of years.
It is one of the first cultivated grains and has sustained many a starving
population through tough times. It is highly nourishing and nutrient
dense, high in protein and important fiber, making it a wonderful food
to enjoy. We often don’t consider its medicinal uses, though.
Milky oat seed extract is one of the very best nervous-system
trophorestoratives around, working to help nourish, heal, soothe, and
support nerve health and healing. It is a fantastic ally for those who are
frazzled, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, as well as those with
ADD/ADHD, depression, and most other nervous system or
psychological disorders. Being safe and gentle, it works well with most
people, and is safe to use in most formulas without fear of side effects.
Oat is considered tonic for the entire body because of its nourishing
properties. It is tonic and restorative to the nervous system specifically.
Remarkably, it also helps to prevent certain cancers and heal the skin,
gut, and other epithelial tissues. I hope you enjoy getting to know this
new botanical friend.

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