Issue published March 2014

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Letter from the editor

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Nettles-a weedy plant that grows up in fertile, disturbed soil. The bane of farmers and hikers alike, this plant is one people know as soon as they meet it, and it teaches respect to everyone who comes near it. Who would have thought such a seemingly off-putting plant could be chalk full of so much herbal wealth?
The high nutrient content of nettles makes it a perfect herb to enjoy daily in many herbal tea blends in order to help strengthen and nourish your body. It is delicious as a cooked spinach replacement in any recipe that you can imagine, from spanakopita and breakfast casseroles to stuffed hamburgers and everything in between. If Popeye had known about nettles he would have kicked his canned spinach habit to the curb!
Herbalists love nettles and, hopefully, after this week you will to. Its delicious, slightly salty flavor is pretty neutral in herbal tea blends, which adds a nice balanced base. Many people enjoy it daily in nourishing herbal infusions, which we will discuss in this issue as well.

The nettles issue has been our most popular by far. Everyone should know all about the amazing “weed” nettles, and how amazing it is as a medicinal herb, a food, and a nourishing drink. In this issue you will find…

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Letter from the Publisher
Nettle Herbal Monograph
Nettle Flower Essence and instructions on how to make a flower essence
Nettle Herbal Infusion
History and Mythology of Nettles – How nettles got their sting.
Nettles for Self Care and Nourishment
Nettle for Skincare – Nettle Skin Salve Recipe
Nettles for Hair
Cucumber Nettle Soap Recipe
Nettle Sauerkraut Recipe
Nettle Gnocchi Recipe
Nettle Pesto, Infused Vinegar, Infused Port and other delicious nettle recipes.

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