Issue published August 2016

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Letter from the editor

Goldenrod, that shining torch that brightens the meadows, neglected urban areas, and wild yards in the late summer and early fall, is a beautiful beacon of hope. Goldenrod is an abundant native wildflower across North America and a non-native weed across Europe and China, with over 100 recognized species. It’s a medicinal that makes a tasty tea and doesn’t seem to have many contraindications. Some may blame goldenrod, with its bright showy blooms, for hay fever, but ragweed is most likely the cause. Coincidentally, goldenrod works quite well to support those who have ragweed and other seasonal allergies.

I love sitting in a meadow of goldenrod in the fall, when the weather starts to cool. The butterflies, bees, moths, and other pollinators love to land on its beautiful flowers, and drink deeply of the nectar. Then, the resinous pollen sticks to these pollinators legs, and they carry it to the next plant, helping to pollinate the flowers. It is a beautiful dance between the bees and the flowers that is just mesmerizing to watch.

Goldenrod is easy to find throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere. It is so abundant that I find myself using it instead of harder to find herbs for things like fungal infections and candida, allergies, musculoskeletal pain, and skin infections. Hopefully this issue can help you learn more about this native, abundant, medicinal gold mine, and appreciate this “weed” that quickly overpopulates a garden if it isn’t being closely managed.

Green Blessings,



Goldenrod Herbal Monograph
Goldenrod Flower Essence
The History of Goldenrod
Finding Goldenrod
Goldenrod, the Basics
Goldenrod for Allergies

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