Issue published October 2013

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Letter from the editor

This beautiful rhizome is a wonderful herb to have on hand for so many issues. It is not only good for stomach ache, but can be beneficial for the circulatory and lymphatic systems, while being a wonderful anti-inflammatory herb as well. It has so many uses that we just had to share all about it in this digital issue.


Ginger Materia Medica
Ginger Essential Oil Profile
Ginger Flower Essence Profile
Ginger Tea
Ginger for Headaches
Ginger for Ears
Candied Ginger
Kid’s Ginger Tea Party
Ginger Honey
My Journey to Ginger Tartlets
Samhain and Herbs
Herbal Vinegars, Oils, and Tinctures
Glossary of Herbalism
Our Staff

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