Issue published October 2014

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Letter from the editor

I could eat a whole clove of roasted garlic in one sitting and be happy as a clam – even if I would smell like garlic for a week. Thankfully my
husband doesn’t mind the garlic smell as he is used to me smelling like a well-herbed Italian meal. Just think, by eating a meal with rosemary,
basil, garlic, marjoram, and oregano, not only am I enjoying an amazing meal, but I am also enjoying the health benefits of all of these herbs in
one sitting without tinctures, salves, infusions, decoctions or other time consuming herbal preparations. Have a cold? Have some well herbed
chicken soup – a delicious dose of medicinal herbs in one sitting and the kids don’t even know they have taken their “medicine.”

You will notice in this issue we have a ton of recipes, and few specific indications of garlic. This is because eating your way to good health can
treat pretty much every issue we discuss in the Materia Medica.

Not only is garlic delicious and easy to add to just about any savory recipe, making it an easy addition to most meals, it is also a medicinal
gold mine. Its antibiotic properties are what people focus on most, but it is also a well-known cardio protector and hepatoprotective, making it a
tonic that can be enjoyed daily with great health benefits.

We include garlic in our meals at least once a day, but when my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure we decided to add Kyolic garlic capsules to his daily routine. Large amounts of fresh garlic give him
indigestion so, in this case, supplementing with the fresh herb was not an option for him. Kyolic is one brand (of many) that makes scent-free garlic capsules that do not cause the unwanted indigestion some get from fresh garlic. This way, he gets the health benefits of garlic without the
unwanted side effects, which is nice.

We love garlic, as you can tell, and hope after this issue you will too.


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