Issue published December 2013

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Letter from the editor

Echinacea is good for so much more than virus fighting. It is an herb that has been used traditionally by Native Americans for hundreds of years. The Cheyenne used Echinacea for sore mouth and gums, Choctaws used it for coughs and stomach troubles, Comanche used it for sore teeth and throat, the Crows used it for colds, coughs, and colic. It is also used traditionally by many tribes as a treatment for snake bites.

This medicinal power house’s wide range of uses is forgotten by many and it is often reduced to only a cold and flu remedy. I hope this issue helps you understand the many ways Echinacea can be used, and that you can appreciate its full potential.


Echinacea Herbal Monograph
Echinacea Flower Essence Profile
Echinacea Tea
How One Traditional Herbalist Uses Echinacea
Echinacea, E for Effective – Echinacea Yarrow Salve
Echinacea Herbal Mouth Wash
Echinacea Cold Weather Lip Balm
Herbal Steams
Herbs of the Holidays
Simple Herbal Gift Giving
Dilution Guidelines for Essential Oils
Glossary of Herbalism

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