Issue published November 2018

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Letter from the editor

Coriander and cilantro—the same plant, but two distinct medicines. Cilantro is the leaf of the plant Coriandrum sativum, and coriander is the seed. Coriander has been used as both food and medicine in many different cultures, including Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, and South American for thousands of years. Cilantro is often more designated as food than medicine, but it also packs quite the medicinal punch.

In many articles on the internet, you might find people claiming cilantro leaf is a heavy-metal chelator. As with most internet claims, the truth is more nuanced than that. What we do know is that cilantro is antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and a wonderful aromatic. Of course, we will discuss all of this in this issue.

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Coriander & Cilantro Monograph
Cilantro Coloring Page
Cilantro and Coriander Through the Ages
Global Uses of Cilantro
Chelate with Pesto
Cilantro as an Accent

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