Issue published June 2014

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Letter from the editor

The Chamomile issue is all about calm, relaxation, and the healing properties of Chamomile – the gateway herb that just about everyone has heard of. It is a wonderful issue full of color and great ideas of how to incorporate this beautiful herb into your life. This is the PDF version of the Chamomile issue.

Chamomile –ahhh! When we think of chamomile, our first response is often a deep breath, a sigh, or a yawn. For many people, chamomile tea is the first herbal remedy that is taken, usually thinking of it more as a beverage that may help a little than as an herbal ally that doubles as a drink. That deep breath, sigh, or yawn tells us how we experience its relaxing power.

It has the ability to open our chests and give us a fuller breath.Chamomile is among the mildest of the nervine herbs. It can relax us, help with stress, and offer gentle assistance to overcome anxiety and depression.

Chamomile is also one of the gentlest allies that can give us a good night’s sleep. Like many nervines, it relaxes both mind and muscles, which can help with emotional imbalance, sleep, and physical pain

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Chamomile Herbal Monograph
Chamomile Essential Oils Profile
Chamomile Flower Essence
Herbal Mom – Chamomile for Kids
Chamomile Tea
Honey and Chamomile Soap Recipe
Soothing Nighttime Routines and Stress
Chamomile History and Mythology
Chamomile Lessons From My Nana
Go Wild With Chamomile
A Power Digestive Ally Two Ways

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