California Poppy

Issue published June 2017

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Letter from the editor

A few months ago, I made the long trek from Colorado to Arizona to visit my family. Along the way, we encountered a nasty accident, which forced us to take a detour through winding mountain backroads to reach the Phoenix area. It was a beautiful gift. All through the mountains, the snow had melted, and early spring rains were constant. Driving out of the vibrantly green forest, we encountered entire hillsides covered in beautiful golden blooms of California poppy. The stress of the drive immediately melted away, and a huge grin bloomed on my face. We pulled over and played in the flower-filled field until the sun went down.
California poppy is native to the Southwest, and during the spring when rains are abundant, it can burst into a super bloom, covering acres with its gorgeous glow. It is a beautiful medicine, both in combination with others, and as a simple on its own. It helps to calm and soothe the nerves and bring peace to those who work with it. Its calming properties work wonders for people who experience anxiety, nervousness, tension, stress, worry, loss, heartbreak… you get the idea. It is also one of those herbs I often use for those coming off of addictive cycles, to help ease the nerves and calm the stress of withdrawals.
It is also a wonderful mild analgesic and sedative, and it makes its way into many blends for those suffering from pain and sleeplessness. It’s especially helpful for that “I am so exhausted I can’t sleep,” and “I have so much work to do; I’ll sleep when I die,” mentality. It helps bring us to a more centered place and calm our worries, so we can care for ourselves and do our best work.
I hope this issue brings you some beautifully calming insights, and helps you build a close relationship with this special ally.


California Poppy Herbal Monograph
History and Folk Use
Coloring Page
Evolving Ideas in Clinical Use
Tea and Mead for Anxiety
Calming Nervines
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