Issue published July 2014

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Letter from the editor

Calendula is the bright spot in both my garden and in my day. It grows so well in Colorado, with seemingly little input from me in the way of soil modifications. I plant it all around the border of my garden in part to bring in good pollinators, but really, I also plant these beautiful bright rays of sunshine to brighten my day. You see, calendula makes me so happy. This seemingly innocuous pot marigold can’t help but bring a smile to my face. The bright orange and yellow flowers are an amazingly beautiful reminder or joy and grace in my everyday life, which sometimes can seem downright crappy. If I am feeling bad I just walk outside, look at my calendula, and smile.

Calendula is supposed to be an annual flower; while still providing you with flowers from spring to late fall, it readily seeds and one plant will give you the seeds you need for hundreds of plants the following year. I had a few calendula plants survive our cold winter and throw up new growth, so I wonder if it isn’t biennial in some areas. Either way, these friends are always going strong in every garden bed I have.

My happy friend makes its way into many of the things I make. The resinous flowers are a favorite, making their way into just about every skin lotion, body butter, and salve I make. They are a wonderful addition to teas to help soothe the internal mucous membranes and tissues. The lymphatic properties are undervalued, and I have found them to be nice and strong. I come across a lot of energetically and physically stagnant people. They just feel stuck and viscous, like things aren’t moving properly. This stickiness tends to cause health issues. My good friend calendula also makes an appearance in many teas and digestive remedies, as well as cold and flu remedies. Calendula even offers some strong aid to the lymphatic system in order to encourage movement in the body.

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