Issue published August 2014

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Letter from the editor

The wonderful savory-yet-sweet aroma of basil wafts through my garden every day, warding off insects, improving the flavor of my tomatoes, and waiting to be enjoyed. In the summer, we enjoy basil several times a week in a pesto made with this wonderful herb, lambs quarter, garlic, and olive oil; as a bruschetta salad; and incorporated into many meals both fresh and dried.

Although I love the flavor, aroma, and delicacy of basil, I have come to appreciate its medicinal benefits as well. My husband suffers from chronic kidney damage leading to a lot of kidney stones and gout attacks. In a sheer blind desperation to find something that would naturally relieve his pain, I found that basil essential oil combined with a few others not only helps reduce his gout pain, but also reduces the amount of a time he suffers from attack. Unfortunately I haven’t found any other herbalists who use it in this way. I’ll keep you posted about this use later on my blog.

I find the fragrance to be masculine and highly attractive. No wonder it has been such a popular remedy across the globe! Even when it made its way into the Americas from Europe via the Middle East, the Native Americans quickly picked up its usefulness as a medicinal plant.
I hope this issue helps you incorporate this incredible herb into both your kitchen and your medicine chest.

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