Aloe vera

Issue published January 2019

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Letter from the editor

Every summer when I was growing up, my family would take a trip to San Diego to enjoy the beautiful Southern California summer, which was always much cooler than Phoenix, where we lived. One day of the trip was always designated “beach day,” and we would spend the day body surfing, swimming, and building sand castles. Every year, on beach day, no matter how much sunscreen I used, I would get a lobster-red, blistering sunburn. If you haven’t had a sunburn that hurts so much you can’t sleep, count yourself lucky!

Thankfully, my mom always knew we would get sunburned, no matter what preventative measures we deployed, so she always brought along a few aloe leaves. The cooling, moistening, soothing, and pain-relieving qualities of aloe were sanity-saving. We would take the aloe leaf, and cut it lengthwise, using a spoon to scoop out the gel on the inside, and then rub it all over the burn. It felt so good and gave us some muchneeded relief. We noticed, that when we used aloe on sunburns, we tended to blister and peel less, which was also a bonus. Now, you can find a bottle of aloe vera gel at your local health food store, making it even more accessible to those who tend to burn.

Aloe has been used for centuries medicinally to soothe and heal skin, but it also has uses internally to heal the gut, and as a laxative. This is
one herb with a few niche—but powerful—uses. Every home needs an aloe plant; it is simple to grow and hard to kill, making it perfect for
those who swear that they have a brown thumb. Join us as we explore the benefits of this common houseplant!

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