Issue published August 2020

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Letter from the editor

This time of year, alfalfa is scattered around open spaces and fallow fields, with its dark-green, clover-like leaves and beautiful purple flowers. A highly nutritious and delicious plant, it is generally used as animal fodder for cows, horses, goats, and in limited quantities for rabbits. It’s high in protein, vitamins, and other nutrients that make it a healthy treat. Humans enjoy alfalfa as a nutritious herbal tea, or as a sprout on salads, a fresh spring green. It is can support hormonal balance for women and nutrient repletion for all people.

Unfortunately, alfalfa is a GMO crop, modified to be resistant to the herbicide Round Up. This makes it imperative to use organic, non-GMO alfalfa that hasn’t been sprayed substantially by hormone-disrupting, carcinogenic chemicals. The other bad news is that GMO varieties can cross pollinate with non-GMO varieties. For this reason, I purchase organic seeds and grow my own alfalfa as often as I can. It is easy to grow, since it grows like a weed here in Colorado. Although my seeds could potentially have been cross contaminated with GMO strains, I know that mine were not sprayed.

Often, people are deficient in key nutrients and micronutrients because our diet is less-than-ideal, or our bodies aren’t able, for whatever reason, to process nutrients efficiently. Herbal infusions (a 2–8 hour infusion is my preference) are a great nutrient-dense drink that supports normal body function. I like to combine it with red clover, nettle leaf, and peppermint for a nice, cooling, beverage I can enjoy throughout the day. The infusion of vitamins gives my whole family a nice pick-me-up when we are feeling overwhelmed and overworked. We hope you’ll enjoy this plant friend as much as we do!

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