Chamomile Herb Box and Magazine Preview

Written by Amanda Klenner

chamomile herb box preview


Now that the Plantain Herb Box pre-orders are done I wanted to announce what will be in our next herb box, Chamomile. The Chamomile magazine and herb box will be released in June and pre-orders run from April 16-May 15th.

The Chamomile e-zine issue will include:

  • Letter From The Editor
  • Chamomile Materia Medica
  • Chamomile (Roman and German) Essential Oil Profiles
  • Chamomile Flower Essence Profile
  • History and Mythology of Chamomile
  • Teething Baby Tea and Glycerite
  • Soothing Sleep Tea and Other Relaxing Recipes
  • Chamomile and Kids
  • Chamomile for Digestion, Teas, and Bitters
  • Pineapple Weed (wild chamomile) Materia Medica
  • Lessons from Nana

The Chamomile Herb Box will include

  • Chamomile – lose herb
  • Rest Well Tea Blend
  • Chamomile Essential Oil
  • Chamomile Flower Essence
  • Chamomile Honey Soap
  • The ingredients to make your own relaxing bath salt blend

If you order between April 16 and May 15th you will receive the Chamomile herb box!

You can subscribe HERE! 


Amanda is a Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Health Coach located in Westminster, CO. She is also a mother, wife, and avid dog lover (cats are ok too). She has a passion for teaching people about the beautiful herbal medicines we can work with to maintain health, wellness, and joy. She is the publisher of Natural Herbal Living Magazine, works with people clinically to help them reach their health goals, and makes a line of organic, handmade herbal products.

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