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I can show you how you can learn about one herb at a time and start your journey to a better way of living with nature.

Natural Herbal Living Magazine is an e-zine dedicated to helping you develop a relationship with one herb a month.


An easy to digest monthly e-zine

Natural Herbal Living Magazine is a digital magazine to help you get to know about one herb a month on a deeply profound level.

It is designed for those who who are studying herbalism and holistic health on their own, or those who are studying plants in courses who would like more detailed information, not just skimming the surface,  focusing on just one specific plant a month

Each issue contains

Each month, on the first of the month, you will receive a detailed magazine with information about our “herb of the month”.

Herbal monograph including dosage and safety information, history of use of our featured herb, information about how different clinical and community herbalists incorporate this herb into their lives and practices, and detailed recipes on how to work with the herb.

The magazine is only written by experienced herbalists, and focuses on quality, well researched information, plant spirit medicine, historical and traditional uses, and real life experience.

Information regarding the seasons from planting in the spring, to harvesting in the fall, herbalists have always been attuned to the seasons. Understanding the seasonal pulls of herbalism helps us maintain a grounded view and a healthy relationship with the earth.

"The magazine follows an herb-of-the-month type format, with lots of great information and recipes, but what really makes it special is the genius concept of being able to add herb boxes to your subscription. These come right to your door and contain the goodies you need to make fun and useful projects with your focus herb. I got my first herb box last week and let me tell you – it felt like Christmas!"

- Jessica H. - Herb Box Member

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In each issue, we will discuss one herb on a deep & intrinsic level; how it works, the constituents, safety considerations, and how several experienced herbalists use it.

“I think one of the things that sets this magazine apart (in addition to the awesome info), is the herb box subscription that you can sign up for. Since each month’s issue of the magazine will focus on one specific herb, you can sign up to receive an herb box that will give you the opportunity to really develop a relationship with and understanding of this herb. This hands-on experience is how many people learn best, so I find this to be an invaluable tool in herbal education.”

- Amber M., Herb Box Member


MEET AMANDA, YOUR HERBALIST... Herbs have changed my life, and I want to share what I have learned

I'm a clinical herbalist located in Westminster, CO. I am mum to two wonderful children, who love going into the woods to explore and harvest their own natural goodies. I'm educated in physiology and when I had my own health concerns, I decided to research and take my health into my own hands. I learnt so much about herbalism, and how our natural world can help heal our body, mind and soul, much more effectively than any drug.

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