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How and Why Do We Need to Breathe? – Guest Post

How and Why Do We Need to Breathe? The importance of proper breathing exercises during stressful and uncertain times By: Jules Carpenter Have you ever wondered why as children and growing adults, we were told to “just breathe”, “take ten deep breaths,” “breathe and count to ten,” and “breathe deeply”? Did you ever stop to […]

make your own bee bath

Make Your Own Bee Bath!

Make Your Own Bee Bath! If you’re reading this, I am going to guess that you love bees just as much as I do. With all of the news about colony collapse, massive bee die-offs and habitat loss, I am always looking for ways to help our beautiful bee friends. A couple of years ago […]


Herbal & Natural Support for the 7 Stages of Grief

While self-isolating in my house with my husband and three cats, I have been drinking a lot of herbal tea, and thinking a lot about the 7 Stages of Grief. It feels as though, on an individual and a collective level, we are all working through these stages as we learn to navigate our “new […]


Mountain States Medicinal Plants Review and Give Away!

Mountain States Medicinal Plants Review and Give Away! I am so very lucky to be as young as I am, to have grown up without easy access to the internet, but having had unlimited access to it since college has been a very large part of my education. I often have had a hard time […]


A week of Giving Thanks, sales and giveaways!

Happy Thanksgiving! This week is a week of celebrating what we are thankful for. We gather with family and friends together and think about all we are thankful for over the last year. This last year has been hard for me personally. It started with my mothers diagnoses with breast cancer, and lead down a […]

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Easy, Herbal, DIY Salad Dressing Recipes – Guest Post

Salad Dressing Recipes Salad dressing is one of the crucial elements to a good salad.  I mean, sure… the lettuce is important (and we’ve all heard that the darker the leaf, the healthier it is), and adding in some extras like tomatoes, black olives, shredded carrots and green onions can certainly elevate the salad… but […]

12 Must-Have Healing Herbs

A Home Materia Medica

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