15 Natural Life Hacks Using Tea

Written by Amanda Klenner

The benefits of drinking tea have been studied and used for generations.  Studies have been dedicated to its impact on things like hormone levels, cancer-fighting benefits insulin balancing abilities. I recently wrote an article about the health benefits of tea so you can read all about it.

Drinking tea isn’t the only way to utilize the power in those little bags. These life hacks don’t require a single sip and take care of everything from scratches on furniture to eliminating pain: Although, if you don’t want to waste any, please drink away. You will notice that most of these hacks can be done with used tea bags, so I always suggest enjoying a nice cuppa’, then re-using the bags for things like insect stings, sunburns, and more!

15 Natural Life Hacks Using Tea

  1. Soothe an insect sting. Wet a tea bag and place it on the injection site. Gently hold it on the spot for a few minutes for natural pain relief.
  2. Place used tea bags in a bowl and place them in the refrigerator to absorb odors.
  3. Soak your feet in a warm bath of black tea. Let them rest for half an hour in one quarter of water with four bags to remove odors and rejuvenated tired, sore feet.
  4. For tough cuts of meat, marinate them in black tea to help tenderize the meat. Season as you like, cook and serve or simply add the tea to your favorite marinade recipe.
  5. Chill a used tea bag in the fridge and then place it on canker sores or your child’s gum after losing a tooth. The tannins will help stop the bleeding with its astringent action and sooth the sore.
  6. Soothe sunburns by brewing up a strong batch of black tea. Try using four or five bags for every 2 cups of water. After the brew has cooled, soak a small towel in the brew. Next, gently squeeze out some of the excess liquid and a place it on the burned skin. Allow to it to sit on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes and re-wet the towel with the tea mixture and repeat. The burn will fade quicker and the pain will subside much faster. Combining this with aloe gel and rose hydrosol is even more beneficial and soothing!
  7. Put used teabags to work! Mix the used leaves with potting soil or sprinkle them around the roots of your potted plants. The tea will make a great fertilizer and help retain moisture in the pot.
  8. Use tea water to polish furniture made of wood or bamboo. The shine is just one of the benefits…the tea will also deter bugs and mites.
  9. Kill dust mites by spraying diluted black tea over your carpet. (Make sure to spot test this to avoid staining.)
  10. Instead of bathing in calamine lotion after a poison ivy rash begins to itch, make a strong cup of tea and dip a cotton ball in the brew. Dab it on the area and let it air dry. (Obviously, do this after properly cleaning the area with soap and water to remove all those nasty oils from the poison ivy!) A nice plantain/jewel weed/tea poultice works even better, but when in need, tea is easy to find and quite helpful!
  11. Sprinkle wet used tea leaves over fireplace ashes before cleaning to keep them from spreading.
  12. Rub a used bag of black tea over your cast-iron cookware after every use to prevent rusting.
  13. Clean ordinary toilet stains by letting a few bags of tea sit in the bowl for a few hours. Flush, brush and enjoy the stain-free finish.
  14. Mix used green tea leaves in your cat’s litter box to control those stubborn odors.
  15. For those with acne-prone skin, rinse your face with green tea after cleansing. The extra step will help cleanse and nourish skin. The natural properties of the tea will cleanse and help with inflammation.

Pretty awesome right? Who knew tea could be so useful around the home! What are some of your favorite uses for tea?

Note: This was published on my old blog, Natural Living Mamma, which is to be taken down soon. I thought you would enjoy it, and am sharing it here!

Amanda is a Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, and Health Coach located in Westminster, CO. She is also a mother, wife, and avid dog lover (cats are ok too). She has a passion for teaching people about the beautiful herbal medicines we can work with to maintain health, wellness, and joy. She is the publisher of Natural Herbal Living Magazine, works with people clinically to help them reach their health goals, and makes a line of organic, handmade herbal products.

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