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Natural Herbal Living Magazine is an e-zine dedicated to helping you develop a relationship with one herb a month. In a self-guided herbal education people tend to be disconnected from the individual herbs and how they work independently from others. By just following recipes and not understanding how each works individually, we have a stunted appreciation for the true power of plants.

In each issue we will discuss one herb on a deep and intrinsic level; how it works, the constituents, safety considerations, and how several experienced herbalists use it.

Each issue may contain:

  • Herbal monograph describing the history, uses, and safety considerations of the herb of the month.
  • Essential oil profile describing the chemical constituents, medicinal uses, and safety information.
  • Flower essence profile describing the energetic properties of the flower essences from the herb of the month.
  • Various herbal recipes from experienced and talented herbalists illustrating the many uses of the herb of the monthly herb while discussing other herbal allies that go well with it.
  • Ethnographic information about the herb, its historical and traditional uses.
  • Information regarding the seasons from planting in the spring, to harvesting in the fall, herbalists have always been attuned to the seasons. Understanding the seasonal pulls of herbalism helps us maintain a grounded view and a healthy relationship with the earth.

The magazine is available to anyone with internet access and will be available soon (November 2013) as a newsstand app.

One Month Magazine Subscription
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Sixth Month Magazine Subscription
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Herb Box

Natural Herbal Living Herb Box is tailored to help subscribers learn about each herb not only on an intellectual level, but on a physical one as well.

The monthly herb box will include:

  • Ingredients to make several recipes shared in Natural Herbal Living Magazine including, but not limited to, the herb of the month, essential oil, flower essence,  additional herbs, oils, bees wax, vinegar, honey, and other herbal goodies necessary to make the recipes of the month. This also includes a generous amount of the “herb of the month” to experiment with above and beyond the recipes included in the herb box.
  • Each month is completely unique and will bring new herbal experiences to your door.
  • The average retail value of the contents of the box will range between $40-60, depending on the month.
  • Each herb box subscription includes a magazine subscription (value $4).
  • We are very aware of the environmental and ecological impact of everything we purchase in the herb box. All of our ingredients will be responsibly sourced, and we strive to find organic ingredients whenever possible. If the herbs are not certified organic they will be ethically wildcrafted.
  • No box will ever include gluten, nuts, corn, or dairy and great pains are taken to avoid soy as well, but the packaging cannot be guaranteed soy free at this time.

If you subscribe before the 15th of the month, you will receive the herb box for the following month. Subscriptions made after the 15th of the month will not be received until the month after that. However, you will receive your magazine on its release date, no matter when you subscribe.

**NOTE** At this time, the herb box is only available to US residents. If you live in another part of the world and would like an herb box, please let us know. If we have enough demand, we may be able to find herbalists to assemble and mail herb boxes in your area.

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