Amanda Klenner


Owner and author of Natural Living Mamma and now owner of Natural Herbal Living Magazine. She has been blogging about natural living, herbs and parenting for three years. After detoxifying her life and taking control of her own health, she began taking classes with various herbalists and has grown to love and respect herbal remedies. You can read more about Amanda here.

Natural Herbal Living Magazine is her way of sharing that herbs are “the people’s medicine” and how we use those herbs in our daily life can help maintain vitality, enthusiasm, and health.

Angela Justis


A certified herbalist, mother of two girls, and preschool teacher with a background in science, botany, and nutrition.  Plants, children, and healthy, inspired living are her passion.  She shares herbal ideas, tips, and information for mamas and their families as well as fun herbal craft and science ideas for working (playing) with children at

Charis Denny


A Certified Clinical Herbalist passionate about spreading the healing wonders of Flower Essences far and wide. She is the former owner of the Highlands Natural Apothecary in Denver, CO and has been in private practice since 2003. She is currently wrapping up an undergraduate degree in Mental Health Counseling with the intention of completing a Masters Program focusing on the physiological and biochemical effects of trauma on the body. Charis’ primary focus with her private clients is helping them discover and resolve the major trauma and minor stresses that can affect every aspect of their lives- from their careers and relationships to their physical health and emotional wellbeing.  When not being a Mommy or a bookworm, Charis loves travel, live music, cheering for the San Francisco Giants, and meeting new people.

Michael Paul Moran


A certified herbalist from the Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies and Healing in Ocean Beach, CA. He has a passion for plants and enjoys wild crafting his own herbs in nature. He is also a self taught chef and chocolatier who enjoys infusing tonic herbs into his creations. He has taught several raw chocolate making workshops throughout San Diego and has created his own Mobile Tonic Bar where he shares his chocolate elixirs with the community! Many people who have had the pleasure of trying his elixirs and superfood treats are all pleasantly pleased that such simple and healthy ingredients can taste soo yummy. He also has several other workshops such as “Superfood Dessert Making”, “How to Make Your Own Herbal Elixir”, and “Tincture Making” which are available for private or group classes . You can follow Michael Paul and find his scheduled events at

Lea Harris


An avid researcher who turned her passion for natural health into her blog, Nourishing Treasures. After becoming a Certified Health Coach, she turned her attention towards essential oils, became a Certified Aromatherapist, and Learning About EOs was born. You can receive her e-book, “Using Essential Oils Safely” for free when you sign up for the newsletter at Learning About EO’s.

Lori Roop


I am really passionate about using herbs and healthy eating to create a strong vital force in each and every one of us!  The Chinese call it chi and the Hindus call it prana, but a strong vital force is key to our vitality and our body’s superb and innate ability to heal itself.  I am a certified clinical herbalist and saw patients for a while.  At that time, with a new baby and new life to adjust to, I eventually transitioned to creating an herbal, all natural body product business called l.c. of acirema, which you can read all about on my Etsy site.  I now teach at The Center for Integrative Botanical Studies.   Here’s to all of us creating our very own beautifully strong vital force!

Tina Finneyfrock


I have been a practicing herbalist for 25 years, but plants have always been a part of my life, thanks to my grandparents. My approach to herbs is a practical one: healing primarily with local, accessible plants, with a commonsense view of foods, herbs and lifestyle combined, as the best means of healing. I received my MH degree from wild Rose College of Natural Healing and have taught classes and Apprenticeships, written and lectured, hoping to pass on the wisdom of the natural cycle I learned as a child.

You can find her website here and she is on Facebook too!

Nina Judith Katz


She has been studying herbalism since 1988. She is passionate about empowering as many people as she can reach to become more and more self-reliant in their health care. That is why she launched the People’s Health Series, a series of books designed to help people learn to take charge of their own health, nurture themselves bountifully, find resources for healing in the natural world, and discover healing abilities within. That is also why she both teaches and treats, and in her clinic Nina combines treatment with instruction. In addition, Nina teaches classes and workshops on herbalism, Qi Gong, acupressure, and holistic healing throughout the greater Boston area; she also leads plant works to introduce people to edible and medicinal plants. To learn more about her clinical practice, visit

Erin Smith


She has always loved the outdoors, her love of plants started young.  In 2000, she began her formal studies of herbal medicine at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder, Colorado.  After working as a clinical herbalist she pursued a graduate degree in ethnobotany at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom.  This began a ten-year career working with indigenous communities on various conservation and natural resource management issues.

During these years, much of her work focused on promoting “biocultural diversity”.  This is simply the academic concept for the innate interconnectedness of everything on earth, the great web of life. People are an essential part of this web and the world’s biological diversity is deeply connected with the world’s cultural diversity and our diverse relationships with nature.  While the amazing and diverse work that is being done in conservation and throughout the environmental movement is important, Erin believes that true change comes from the heart.  It comes from people remembering their connection to the natural world and cultivating a deeper relationship with it.  Whether through harvesting medicinal plants, growing an organic garden, or exploring natural building, all of these are ways that we connect with the natural world. Rooted in these beliefs, and fueled by her desire to combine her passions for herbalism, ethnobotany, and teaching, she founded the Center for Integrative Botanical Studies.

Heather Lanham


I have been studying herbs, their uses, and applying those uses for about 15 years now. I received a diploma from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. I am always a student of the plants, they teach me so much.  I also am an avid reader and collector of books. Mostly herbals, though I read sci-fi and fantasy.

I study at least some every day. I am a yoga junkie.

You can find my herbal writings and products at and on Facebook.

Carol Little


She is a registered, traditional herbalist in Toronto, where she has an herbal + Bach flower remedy practice working primarily with busy women. She began her studies with Rosemary Gladstar in the 90s, attended the Living Earth School 4 year program, and has been an active participant in herbal events worldwide. Carol is a professional member of the Ontario Herbalists Association and active ‘educator’ member of the International Herb Association. She continues to learn from the plants and shares this knowledge at her website Studio Botanica and on Facebook .
Carol writes about her passion ~ HERBS! and about making healthy life-enhancing choices.

Jan Berry


She lives on a seven acre hobby farm in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She spends her days homeschooling her two children, hanging out with her handsome husband, wrangling three rascally goats and keeping up with the antics of thirty-five chickens, four ducks, three bunnies, three dogs and one cat. She enjoys growing a variety of herbs and flowers and loves coming up with creative, fun ways to use them. She is a self taught herbalist and has been working closely with herbs for over a decade. Her great-grandmother was a backwoods mountain woman who used locally foraged plants to treat her extended family and Jan likes to think I inherited some of her affinity for healing. You can find Jan at her blog The Nerdy Farm Wife and on Facebook.

Caitlin Lane


She is a writer, mother, Air Force wife, and proponent of the Oxford Comma. She is also the Editor of Natural Herbal Living Magazine! With an insatiable thirst for coffee and Pinterest, she blogs at All About Growing up and Becoming a Famous Author and stays at home with her two children.

Jessica Morgan


Certified herbalist and horticulturist at Morgan Botanicals. Today you’re most likely to find her roaming the wilderness oohing and awing and botinizing, gardening, wildcrafting, twig collecting, tree climbing, plant pressing, plant tickling, snail gazing, brewing, writing and photographing. Or when she’s not busy with that fun she’s having more fun teaching in food and medicine gardens and crafting herbals in the herb shop. She offers a year around Herbal CSA, medicine making workshops, herbal apprenticeships, children’s classes, plant walks, wellness consultations, custom blends and helps design food and medicine gardens in the local community. You can find her website here